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To get to Banjo Creek Farms
from Downtown Manson: The main street in downtown Manson is Wapato Way. Wapato Way changes to Manson Blvd at the end of town. Take Manson Blvd to a "Y" which is Washington St. Stay right on Washington St. Go about 3 miles, past Blueberry Hills and take a right onto Manson Blvd. Follow Manson Blvd down a hill. Stay to the right as Manson Blvd winds down hill. The bottom of the hill is the intersection of Green Avenue and Manson Blvd. You are there!

from Chelan: Take SR150 (the road along the lake to Manson) about 6 miles until you see the Mill Bay Casino sign. Take a right at the Mill Bay Casino sign (Wapato Lake Road). Go about a mile and take a left onto Roses Ave. At the intersection of Roses Ave and Green Ave, take a right onto Green Ave. Follow Green Ave about 2.5 miles until you intersect Manson Blvd. You are there! OR... instead of taking a left on Roses Avenue, continue on Wapato Lake Road for approximately 4 miles. You will come to a "T" in the road, take the left, which will be Manson Blvd. Continue on Manson Blvd. for about a mile until you get to the stop sign. Take a left onto Greens Landing Road. Banjo Creek Farms will be ahead on your left about one quarter of a mile!

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